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What does ALBEDO mean?

Albedo (pronounced: al-BEE-dough) is an Astronomical term for the amount of life reflected off a celestial object, 1 being 100%. For example: The planet Venus has an albedo of 0.75, which means it reflects 75% of the suns light that hits it. It's actually one of the highest albedos of any planet or natural satellite (moon) in our solar system. That's one of the reasons why Venus is the brightest object in our sky besides the sun and moon (The other is because it's the closest planet to us). The reason why I chose this name is because I used to study Astronomy (I almost went into the field of Planetology), and ALBEDO has been a nickname of mine for many years. Though I prefer to pronounce it differently and spell it in all caps.

Who is ALBEDO?

ALBEDO (pronounced: al-BAY-dough) is a New Age Music Artist who also writes in the Classical, Soundtrack and Dance genres. ALBEDO was formed in January of 2002, and has since released 11 studio albums. His album "Forgotten Lands" was Nominated for Best Soundtrack Album by the 12th Annual Independent Music Awards. The latest releases have been a new age arrangement of "The Planets" composed by Gustav Holst in 2015, a new age album of musical interpretations of select unmanned robotic spacecraft of achievement called "Space Probes" in 2014, music from Final Fantasy VI called "Magitek" released in 2013, a classical tribute album called "Cliff Millward" also released in 2013, a new age Christmas album containing both secular and sacred arrangements in 2012, a five movement symphony called "Symphony No. 1" also in 2012, the soundtrack to a video game called "Forgotten Lands" in 2011, a collection of classical orchestral works by Utah composers called "Digital Fingers" in 2010, and a dance album called "7th Heaven" in 2008, which was described by a fan as: "Mannheim Steamroller goes to the club!". Many more albums will be released in the near future. Musical influences include: Mannheim Steamroller, Weird Al Yankovic, Creaturehouse (Steven Grames & Eric Kartchner), James Koenig, Kelly Richardson, Andrew Lloyd Webber, John Williams, and Tchaikovsky.


ALBEDO MUSIC is the music studio/record company where the artist ALBEDO makes its home. It was officially founded on June 1, 2008 to produce and distribute music by ALBEDO and to provide audio and video services for customers. The company also provides sheet music transpositions for Clarinet, Trumpet, Horn and Trombone that can be purchased from websites like: Musica Neo and Sheet Music Plus. Sheet music in full score are also available on those websites.

What is ALBEDO The Planets?

A New Age arrangement by ALBEDO of the classical work "The Planets" composed by Gustav Holst. Acoustic instruments mixed with synthetics and orchestral samples. Music is similar in style to Mannheim Steamroller, Isao Tomita and Vangelis. Doug Clyde, composer and creator of ALBEDO, plays the woodwind instruments featured on the album. Violin solos are played by Kelly Richardson.

What is Space Probes?

An album by ALBEDO that contains musical interpretations of select space probes of achievement. Unmanned robotic spacecraft that explored astronomical objects in our solar system other than earth, and were the first successful flyby, orbiter, lander, rover or sample return missions. Music is similar in style to Mannheim Steamroller and Vangelis. Doug Clyde, composer and creator of ALBEDO, plays the woodwind instruments featured on the album.

What is Magitek: Music from Final Fantasy VI?

An album by ALBEDO that contains a collection of songs from the video game Final Fantasy VI composed by Nobuo Uematsu, released in 2013. Recorded in a New Age style with live and synthetic elements similar to Mannheim Steamroller and Yanni. Doug Clyde, composer and creator of ALBEDO, plays the woodwind instruments featured on the album.

What is ALBEDO Cliff Millward?

A tribute album by ALBEDO released in 2013 that is a collection of classical works composed by Clifford Nicholas Millward 1933-2013.

What is ALBEDO Christmas?

The new age Christmas album by ALBEDO is a collection of secular and sacred songs with live and synthetic elements released in November of 2012. The songs range from electronic mixes, to solo piano, to chamber orchestra, to full symphonic score with choir. Doug Clyde, composer and creator of ALBEDO, sings all the vocals and also plays the woodwind instruments featured on the album.

What is ALBEDO Symphony No. 1?

Symphony No. 1 is an album by ALBEDO released in October of 2012. It is a five movement symphony based on the music from "Forgotten Lands".

What is Forgotten Lands?

Forgotten Lands is an album by the artist ALBEDO released in 2011, and is the full orchestral soundtrack to the video game by TBC Productions. The style of the songs range from ragtime to fiddle music to full orchestral scores. It's similar to the music from the Zelda video games and the Lord of the Rings movies, with a little bit like the Final Fantasy games.

What is Digital Fingers?

Digital Fingers is an album released by ALBEDO in 2010, which is a collection of orchestral works by Utah composers recorded digitally through the use of professional orchestra samples. It features works by: Doug Clyde, James Koenig, Kelly Richardson, Steven Grames, Eric Kartchner, Laura Larsen Grames, and A.W. "Mickey" Hart. Several songs from the album have been performed live by various symphonies and bands including schools. "The Battle of Shiloh" was performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City in April of 2011.

What is 7th Heaven?

7th Heaven is a dance album by ALBEDO that was released back in 2008. To date, it's still the most popular. It's a blend of synthetic and live instruments, described by a fan as: "Mannheim Steamroller goes to the club!" The song "Dead Mouse" from the album has been played at various dance clubs around the world and gets tens of thousands of views on You Tube.

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