Forgotten Lands
The Legend of Shadow Lake
Released on: October 7, 2011
Genre: Soundtrack / Classical
ALBEDO Forgotten Lands
ALBEDO Forgotten Lands demo PLAY ALL
demo 1. Title Theme
demo 2. Prologue
demo 3. Overworld
demo 4. Battle
demo 5. Boss
demo 6. Boulder Mountain
demo 7. Troll's Beard
demo 8. Mage Tower
demo 9. Canyon Head
demo 10. Teddington
demo 11. Dean's Inn
demo 12. Sawmill
demo 13. Devil's Lair
demo 14. Harlan
demo 15. Cypher's Village
demo 16. Cypher's Mine
demo 17. Hunting Lodge
demo 18. Clark's Fork
demo 19. Black Mountain
demo 20. Calembel
demo 21. Valinor
demo 22. Crater Lake
demo 23. Zurrock Mesa
demo 24. Fish Camp
demo 25. Abreu
demo 26. Cragston Meadows
demo 27. Zastrow
demo 28. Finale
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Soundtrack to the video game "Forgotten Lands VIII: The Legend of Shadow Lake" by TBC Games. Similar in style to Jerry Goldsmith, Hans Zimmer, and Howard Shore.
Nominated for Best Soundtrack Album: 12th Annual Independent Music Awards.

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Album Notes:
Soundtrack to the video game: "Forgotten Lands VIII: The Legend of Shadow Lake" by TBC Productions.

All Music, Lyrics, and Orchestrations by: Doug Clyde
All Songs Produced, Recorded and Mixed at ALBEDO MUSIC by: Doug Clyde
CD Deign by: Doug Clyde
All Photography by: Troy Caldwell

Special Thanks:
Troy Caldwell for allowing me to write music for his video game.
James Koenig for helping with the recording process.
Kelly Richardson for playing the string instrument spider and camp-fire sound effects.
My Parents and family for their never-ending support.
My Heavenly Father for the talents He gives me and the opportunities to use them.

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ALBEDO is a Music Artist who writes and produces music in the New Age, Classical, Soundtrack, and Dance genres. His album "Forgotten Lands" was Nominated for Best Soundtrack Album by the 12th Independent Music Awards.


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